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Summertime Fun!

Sweet Summertime

It’s one of my favorite times of the year!! I love that hot Texas sun shining down on me! Makes me want to take all my clothes off! I finally got to dip into the pool today! The water was still pretty cold so it made my nipples poke out of my little blue bikini real quick! I think the boys out there liked the view. What about you?? Do you like to see when a girl’s nipples are hard and perky?

After some much needed pool time I moved on to tanning on one of the beds outside. Got a bit of a tan…I think I want a little darker though! Still debating if I should just tan naked though…I like keeping track of how dark and sexy I get witht the lines but maybe my whole body needs to be sunkissed;) 

Do you like my new tan lines?? Give me a call so we can talk about what you want to do with my newly tanned body!


Hardcore F*** Phone Sex

Hardcore F*** Phone Sex

Am I your bitch tonight? It’s time you take the reins and fuck me like the little whore I am. I’ll let you get away with whatever you want. I want you to whip that hard cock out and shove it into my dripping wet pussy! Tie me up and make me gag on your meat. It’s time you take control and show me who’s really boss. Pull my hair and make me watch as you slide that cock in…is that sounding good to you? It’s sounding fantastic to me!

Next you can pound my asshole. My body is yours…tell me everything you want to do! I deserve to be treated like your whore! I have been a bad bad girl and need to be punished. I am waiting for you…Paige

Spread it open

Spread it open

Spread It Open

Talk to a lady that loves taking it up the ass! Anal toys, rim jobs, ass licking and of course butt fucking! Pick an anal goddess of your choosing! Maybe a naughty newbie that needs her ass stretched out? Show her what a real cock feels like in her tight little hole. Maybe you need to experience some anal worship? Miss Jess for example, she’s tired of guys worshiping her pussy. She wants you to worship her ass! She knows how good she looks bent over with her ass cheeks spread open. I bet you can’t resist her sweet little hole! Don’t you want to make her squirm and squeal as you lick it with your tongue??

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My Memorial Day Plans!

Memorial Day Weekend, the unofficial start of Summer!
A group of us gather every year at a cabin by the lake for three days of non- stop
drinking, eating and fucking.
I am really excited this year because two of my dearest friends and favorite fuck buddies Jan and Mark are back home after a long deployment overseas.
Fewer things get me wetter than a man or a woman in uniform risking their life for this country.
I can’t wait to show them my appreciation!

I bought a brand new red and white and blue bikini, but I don’t plan on wearing it
for very long. When the three of us are in a room together things heat up pretty quickly. The night before they deployed overseas I had the two of them over to my place
for a little goodbye sex party.
Jan is a lesbian and was all about sucking my titties and licking my pussy, while I
went down on Marks thick hard dick. I deep-throated all eight inches too.
A little while later when I was on all fours getting pounded by his meat.
My face was buried in Jan’s extra juicy and tasty cunt.
She came all over my lips and tongue and I turned around and shared it with Mark,
who pulled out and shot his load all over my back.
A quick shower followed and then I found myself perched on Jan’s eight inch
strap-on, while Mark had his cock balls deep into my ass!
The three of us barely got any sleep before they shipped out the next morning.
I am hoping for a repeat performance this weekend.
Maybe they will bring a friend or two and things will get even hotter!
Damn, my little red panties are soaked just thinking about it!

Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day Weekend!

Use the long weekend to try some of JetDoll's finest!

We’ve got so many ladies and fantasies at 1-800-Jet-Doll sometimes it’s hard to choose! This weekend you’ve got some extra time to try a few new ones! Get a hot teen to satisfy your cock just check out our teen page! Maybe you need someone to tell you how pathetic you really are! Check out some of our humiliation fantasies! If you’re feeling like one person isn’t enough…move to a party call! A couple call is always a great option if you’re looking for some new sexual satisfaction!

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