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Your dirty secret!!

Your dirty secret!!

~Shhh we won’t tell and you don’t have to either!

That’s the fun with discreet phone sex! Have all the fun you want and once you hang up nobody has to know…until your next call ;)

No wives or girlfriends ever have to find out…your fantasies will be our dirty little secret!

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Phone Sex Queens

There’s only one place to go when you’re looking for a phone sex queen! That’s 1-800-Jet-Doll. The question is what type of queen are you looking for? A mistress, domme, a tease? Maybe you’re looking for two queens to satisfy your phone sex needs? Whatever the case…1-800-Jet-Doll will fulfill your fantasies and sexual desires!!

Call Me?

Call Me?

Looking for something fun to do tonight? I’m wide awake and have my legs spread wide open waiting for you!

I just need someone to explore with…someone who will listen and wants to hear me while I play with myself.

Are you the guy for me?? I sure hope so!

Late Night Lover

Late Night Lover

My favorite time of the day is the middle of the night. I’m laying in bed with my red slip and matching silky red panties. I gently massage my clit as I wait for the erotic fun to begin…what will we do tonight? It’s all up to you, but I know neither of us will be disappointed. Will you be my late night phone sex fuck? I need you to call me!


Saturday’s are for phone sex!

Just kidding! Every day is mean’t for phone sex!

I will admit I am waiting for the right guy tonight…someone who is ready to have some sexy phone fun! I’ve bought all new toys to play with and I want to hear what I should do with them! Do you want me to shove this large sparkly pink dildo up my tight pussy?? Maybe while i’m at it I can put my new anal plug in the asshole??? I’ve got so many new toys to try out I need you to help me!! Let’s have some fun babe…i’m waiting! xoCarlie