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Your job is to please my boyfriend and I. I make the rules around here and you only answer to me from now on. You will not experience any sexual pleasure….your sole purpose is to serve me like the little slave boy that you are. That is what satisfies you and your pathetic needs! If my feet need to be rubbed…you do it. If I want to fuck my boyfriend it’s your job to fluff him up for me….that’s right get his cock hard and wet for me. You will get on your knees and get that cock throbbing and sloppy for me. You will wait patiently in the corner of the room as he fucks me. Once were done and I have a big load in me you will need to clean it up for me with your tongue. This job isn’t just for anyone though…do you think your pathetic little self is even worthy of such a task? If you want to test our your worthiness you can call 1-800-538-3655 and ask for Katherine

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