Juicy and Succulent


I love sucking cock,but I also really love licking pussy.
I have often said that I wish I were limber enough to lick my own.
A womanโ€™s vagina, pussy, cunt, twat, whatever your preferred name for it is like a piece of fruit…
Think about it…

You have a soft outer layer, some smooth like a peach, otherโ€™s furry like a kiwi or a coconut. Once you peel that back, you open up to a meaty, fleshy center, with a very special seed or core.

Immediately you are taken in by the sweet yet musky aroma and then the lush pink folds.

You explore it with your fingers or your tongue.
Juicy and succulent with moist sugary nectar, when you bite into them just right, you get an overflow of sweetness exploding into your mouth and dribbling down your chin.

X*0*X Mackenzie

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