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How to Prepare for Phone Sex: How JetDoll Anna Prepares for Her Phone Sex Calls!

Are you curious how a JetDoll prepares for her phone sex session with you? Read below and then give us a call at 1-800-538-3655 to start your session!

Dress for the Date

I like to think about the setting of my phone sex date. If it’s a regular I can plan ahead with him or surprise him with his favorite lingerie! Maybe he will have to wine and dine me first so I will get dressed head to toe to make it fun! The details are very important in creating a visual for my caller! If I’m taking new calls I like to slip into my sexy lingerie with a robe to cover me.

Get in the proper mind-set

I want my callers to know I am open to their fantasies. I do my research and love exploring new possibilities! There’s nothing wrong with throwing ideas around and seeing if they stick! So don’t be scared…I’m not here to judge!

Phone Sex Foreplay

Buy a text package so I can set the mood! Before my partner calls, I like to build up the sexual tension with naughty texts and even flirty photos at their request. This makes things so much sexier!

Prep my Toys

I am sure this is a no-brainer. Toys make phone sex 100 times better! They aren’t always necessary of course, but they really add to the experience. I have too many toys to count, but I make sure they are all ready to go and charged! Just pulling them out gets me so horny…I make sure not to masturbate before a call of course! I want my sexual tension to rise until I can’t take it anymore. Then my partner can hear my moans as I can finally orgasm!

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